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RidePro-HP Upgrade, Ride Height Sensors For RidePro-X Control System

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RidePro-HP adds ride height sensors to your existing RidePro-X AirPod, or RidePro-X pressure-based air management system. The ultimate air management system measures BOTH pressure and ride height to achieve precision ride height management. With the addition of RidePro-HP, the ride height and spring balance (loads) are established by comparing the position of the ride height sensor, to the air pressure within each air spring/airbag. The RidePro-HP allows your car to be leveled with no cross-loading. This is especially important for dynamic driving scenarios where quick transitions occur. Examples include high performance driving, sudden directional changes and panic stops. Pressure-only systems are good at handling these load changes, but combined pressure and height systems work best. The Complete RidePro-HP kit is easy to install and comes with everything you need for your upgrade.

What's Included:
  • (4) Height Sensors
  • (4) Height Sensors Linkage Kits (with steel linkage rods and rubber rod ends)
  • (1) Group Harness
  • 1/4" Sensor Bolts w/ Nyloc Nuts & Flat Washers
  • Mounting Tabs
  • Heat Shrink Tubes
  • Installation Guide
NOTE: RidePro-HP height sensors can only be used in conjunction with RidePro-X Digital Control System.

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