Parallel 4 Link Kit - Universal Fit
Parallel 4 Link Kit - Universal Fit

Parallel 4 Link Kit - Universal Fit

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Parallel 4 Link Kit - Universal Fit
Part Number: FB375
In many applications, such as late model trucks, a parallel link configuration can help avoid interference between the upper bars and the OEM gas tank.

This parallel 4 link is also slightly easier for the casual installer to visualize and install (compared to a triangulated system) because there are fewer bar mounts to deal with... the frame brackets and axle brackets carry both upper and lower bars, so setup is much simpler.

Our 4 link is already a great deal, but we also include the panhard bar and mounts at no extra charge!  Most kits on the market make you source this piece separately, but it's absolutely necessary with a parallel link system to keep the axle from moving from side to side!

What's Included:
  • 4 32" Long 1.25" OD bars
  • 8 Poly Bushings with metal Sleeves
  • 4 RH 3/4-16" Weld-in Bungs
  • 4 Bar ends with 3/4-16" RH Thread Studs welded
  • Mounting Brackets for Frame
  • Mounting Brackets for Axle
  • Panhard Bar with Mounting Hardware
  • Jam Nuts, Washers, Locking Nuts, and Grade 8 Bolts
Of course, installing a link kit on any vehicle is a big job- we always recommend that you have a professional perform the installation if you’re unsure of your abilities!  But if you decide to tackle it yourself, we’re always happy to help with any questions you may have- just send us a message!

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