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BigRed AirPod w/ RidePro-X Control System, 5 Gallon

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RidePro-HP Height Sensor Upgrade
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RideTech's AirPod plug-n-play system is designed to elimiante hours of instalaltion time. It comes pre-wired, pre-tested, and pre-plumbed for fast and easy installation. Another benefit is the AirPod's compact size that allows it to easily fit in most vehicles. The air management is covered by the RidePro-X, RideTech's latest air management system. When it comes to digitally calculating and setting air spring rates, nothing beats the RidePro-X. From its unique 3-position Power Port Module and Mil-Spec connectors, to its sophisticated pressure-based or pressure plus height algorithms, the AirPod with RidePro-X offer one of the best air suspension systems out there. 

  • Stealthy 3-position Control Module Communicates via RF.
  • "Ride Height On Start" automatic lift and level feature.
  • Pressure-based crossload compensation - critical for dynamic driving scenarios such as cornering and panic stops.
  • Display and setup via smartphone "App", laptop or optional dedicated bluetooth Display/Tuner.
  • Weatherproof ECM and heavy duty mil-spec connectors.
  • Automatic weight compensation.
  • RidePro-X (pressure-based) system is upgradable to RidePro-HP (pressure and height) system.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone app are included.
  • 3/8" Air line for immediate response.

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