BC Fab Airbox
BC Fab Airbox

BC Fab Airbox

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It's time to cut the cord and go wireless! 

What's Included:
  • Wireless Controller w/Case & Charge Cord
  • Base Station
  • Instruction Manual
Radio: Proprietary RF Communications in the Sub 1 GHz ISM band
Antenna: Internal Integrated
Range: >100 ft.
Encryption: AES-128
Pairing: Links Remote to Base Station
Certifications: FCC

Remote Specific Features:
Buttons: 7-button control, each with UP/DOWN controlling Left Front, Right Front, Both Front, Left Rear, Right Rear, Both Rear, All Wheels
Auxiliary Buttons: 2 auxiliary buttons used in the pairing process
Backlight: Blue LED back light (can go tri-color Red, Green, Blue for production units, settable using AUX2 button)
Battery: 410 mAh Li-Ion battery, rechargeable over USB Micro connector
Battery Life: >10 hours continuous use (typical use), >60 days inactive
Battery Charge Time: <5 hours from fully discharged to fully charged
Battery Charge Source: Any USB charger, 5V 500mA capable (not included)
Housing: ABS Plastic enclosure (Black, White) *
Cover: Silicone rubber cover (Black, White, Light Gray, Green, Yellow, Cyan, Pink) *
Keypad: Silicone rubber
Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C
Battery Charging Temperature: +10 to +45°C
Special Features: Location to attach a wrist or neck strap

Base Station Specific Features:
Power: 12VDC (8.0 to 16.5V)
Idle Current Draw: <15mA
Valve Drive Capacity: Up to 1A per valve
Wired Hand-Held Compatibility: Fully compatible, pass through function
Connection to Valve Body: 10-pin removeable screw terminal
Connection to Wire Hand-Held Controller: 9-pin removeable screw terminal
Wire Size: 16-30 AWG
Housing: ABS Plastic enclosure (Black)
Mounting: Two flanges for screws, Velcro
Local Control: 1x Rocker Switch for Front UP/DOWN control, 1x Rocker Switch for Rear UP/DOWN control (2x Rocker switches total)
Status LED: 1x Green LED for status
Pairing: 1x Momentary Push Button to Initiate Pairing Sequence accessed through pin hole in lid. Pairing is to a single Remote-Control device
Operating Temperature: -10 to +60°C

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