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AccuAir eLevel Air Management & Endo CVT

AccuAir eLevel Air Management & Endo CVT

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The e-Level Air Management Package with ENDO-CVT is the ultimate self contained system to control your vehicles air springs/airbags. This kit includes AccuAir top-of-the-line e-level Controller with TouchPad interface, 5-Gallon ENDO-CVT compressor valve tank, 3/8" D.O.T. Approved plumbing kit. With ENDO-CVT, you get an internal WABCO compressor suspended inside the air tank resulting in near silent compressor operation. This single compressor does the work of two industry standard units at 200 psi. CVT also integrates the solenoid valves directly into the tank endcaps.

What's Included:
  • (1) AccuAir e-Level Air Management System
  • (1) AccuAir ENDO-CVT Air Tank
  • (1) AccuAir ENDO Adapter Harness
  • (1) 50ft Roll of Air Line

e-Level Features:
  • Three Programmable Ride Heights: Lowered/ Ride Height / Raised, plus the all down function.
  • Ridemonitor Mode: Adjust air springs as needed while driving or parked.
  • TruPosition Height Sensors: Provide accurate leveling regardless of load.
  • Ride Height on Start: Gets you ready to drive once you turn the key.
  • Anti-Cross Loading: Height management gives balanced spring weights.
  • Automatic Calibration: To any air suspension on any vehicle. NO user programming required.
  • Straight to Height: Adjustment methods avoid valve "pulsing" and gets you ready to drive immediately.
  • Manages Air Compressors: For faster height recovery and low voltage protection.
  • Plug-N-Play: Includes wiring harness for easy installation.
AccuAir's patent pending ENDO-CVT takes streamlined appearance and ease of installation to an entirely new level by integrating the industry's first air compressor within the air tank as well integrating the airbag/air-spring solenoid valves into the air tank end caps themselves.

ENDO-CVT Features:
  • Internal Wabco Compressor: The internal Wabco compressor refills the tank with completely dry air at a rate twice as fast as the current market standard compressor.
  • Digital Intelligence: Internal ECU monitors tank pressure, compressor head temperature, and ambient moisture levels to optimize compressor operation, provide maximum duty cycle, as well as regenerate the built-in desiccant air dryer as required.
  • Dual Stage Isolation: The patent pending primary and secondary isolation system that softly suspends the compressor inside the tank, eliminating compressor vibrations from being transmitted into the vehicle's body or chassis.
  • 4-Corner & 2-Corner: Available in 4-Corner and 2-Corner configurations.
  • Valve-Integrated Tank Caps: Includes the solenoid valves and air tank all in one easy to mount package. 
  • Adjustable Flow Control: Built-in VFC (variable flow control) adjusters allow for end user adjustment of the speed of each corner and each direction individually.
  • Filtered Ports: FFFPTC (Fully-Filtered-Push-To-Connect) air fittings eliminate the risk of debris-induced valve problems common with all other solenoid valves on the market.
  • D.O.T. PTC Fittings: Built-in D.O.T. approved and rebuild-able Push-To-Connect fittings.

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