1982-1993 BMW 3-Series (E30) Airbag Suspension Kit - LEVEL 3
1982-1993 BMW 3-Series (E30) Airbag Suspension Kit - LEVEL 3

1982-1993 BMW 3-Series (E30) Airbag Suspension Kit - LEVEL 3

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This system will put your car in the weeds, and let you pick it back up to ride height with the flick of a switch!
Part Number: BK750-3

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You know your beemer was born to succeed everywhere, from idling in the executive parking lot to shredding curves on back roads—but instead of shredding curves, you’re shedding tears over the factory stock height. The E30's love of wheel gap makes all the wrong first impressions. Since we believe wheel gap is one of those things that you can get too much of, our ALP engineers took on the task of putting the E30 chassis way closer to the pavement than any BMW engineer would have ever thought possible.

You know your BMW corners the market in luxury performance…but how would you like to corner the turns on the racetrack just as well?

Air Lift Performance has the very solution you need, with an adjustable performance air spring suspension kit—available now for your BMW E30 3-Series.

Before you think this kit is just about going low, you should know we test all of our kits on the track, with the goal of delivering the best most versatile way to lower your BMW without compromise. We realize there are several different ways to slam your E30 to get the look and performance you crave, but do you really want to give up ride quality or scrape everywhere you drive?

For the front kit, we mated a smooth-riding, double-bellows air spring to our 30-level damping adjustable, monotube, threaded body strut, giving you 5.1 inches of drop. The look is topped off with adjustable camber plates made of T6061 red anodized aluminum that utilize a high-quality spherical bearing. Since Bimmer engineers never thought their executive car would see this kind of drop, they didn’t leave the suspension very mod-friendly…so some fabrication work is required. Similar to most aftermarket suspension systems, this is a weld-in kit that requires high-quality welding capabilities. This kit asks that you weld the outside perimeter of the lower mount to the hub. Unless you are highly confident in your welding skills, we recommend turning the installation over to a professional.

The rear is a much more install-friendly design. We simply replace the factory coil spring with a double-bellows air spring, giving you a 5.6-inch drop. To keep the rear from bouncing down the road, we use 30-level damping adjustable, monotube, threaded body shocks. With black chromed shock bodies and bright red accents, these shocks look just as sharp as they function. And there’s no welding necessary for this kit—just check out the included instruction manuals and have basic hand tools nearby to complete installation.

Take a look at what's included:

-Air Lift Performance bolt on front and rear High Performance air struts- threaded shock bodies for fine-tuning ride height, 30 way adjustable damping, and anodized aluminum brackets
-AccuAir VU4 4 Way Valve Manifold- Compact design, easy installation, four corner independent control
-Viair 380C Chrome Air Compressor Dual Pack - includes two 200 psi chrome air compressors, relays, pressure switch, and more
-28" SEAMLESS ALUMINUM air tank- perfect size for your ride, aluminum won't corrode or rust. Mounting feet on bottom for easy installation in your trunk.
-50' roll of 3/8" DOT approved air line
-Brass DOT approved PUSH-CONNECT air fittings- no leaks or failures with these quality parts! Watch out for inferior kits looking to save a buck by sending you plastic non-DOT fittings!!
-AVS 7 Switch Box - prewired handheld box for easy installation and clean compact controls

Our LEVEL 3 kit builds upon LEVEL 2 specs, but upgrades the individual air valves for an AccuAir VU4 manifold valve for a simpler and more compact installation with less plumbing and wiring.

We include complete installation guides for the installation of the airbags, as well as plumbing and wiring diagrams to make things as painless as possible.  Feel free to ask any questions about putting this kit in and we'll be happy to assist!  We love hearing from our customers and seeing their projects come together.

AccuAir ENDO-VT Upgrade: Upgrading to the ENDO-VT will exchange the VU4 valve manifold, and the seamless aluminum air tank for a 5 gallon ENDO-VT valve tank. Comes in raw aluminum finish.

BCFab Airbox Upgrade: This will exchange the AVS wired switchbox for the wireless BCFab Airbox.

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