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1958-64 Impala - Front Smooth Body Shock - HQ Series

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Part Number:22169847

Designed to replace OEM Shock Absorbers. Sold Individually

Shocks are the BRAINS of your suspension! Nothing influences how your car rides and handles more than shock absorbers. If you could pick only one thing to change on your car to get the most overall improvement...upgrade the brains of your suspension…the shocks! It took Ridetech 16 years to find shock technology that they felt was worthy of our customers. After engaging the expertise of FOX Racing Shocks, Ridetech felt they were able to bring the already crowded shock market a product that was both unique and improved.

The HQ (handling quality) Series shocks adds rebound adjustment for the driver who wants to tune ride quality AND handling quality to their specific taste. A wide rebound adjustment range allows you to cruise down the road in plush comfort or firm up your suspension for those Saturday morning canyon roads!

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